Measuring Impact and Improving Performance

On the 28th April 2020, NLGN partnered with Social Finance to host an Innovation Exchange. The event followed the normal format for our Innovation Exchanges, but, in a first for NLGN, was hosted online rather than in person.

The day saw individuals from councils across our membership – including people with responsibility for everything from corporate strategy to performance and communications – come together to discuss measuring impact and improving performance. Specifically, attendees reflected on how best to identify which metrics they should focus on, and how they can best leverage these to ensure that real improvements are made on the frontline. Also on the agenda was the question of how the demands of responding to COVID -19 is affecting work in this area.

Like all NLGN Innovation Exchanges, the session offered councils a rare opportunity to share and learn from one and other. These events are structured so as to be a safe and confidential space, in which councils can speak about challenges and failures as well as successes, so that learning can be shared across our network.

This Innovation Insights report summarises the key concepts, lessons and themes that emerged from the day’s discussions, and aims to offer practical ways forward for councils thinking about measuring impact and improving performance.

The report is comprised of two broad sections:

  • A discussion of the key challenges that councils report facing in this area, and some proposed solutions.
  • A summary of the insights offered by two experts on this topic, who made presentations during the day.The Innovation Exchange took place under the Chatham House rule, and our report respects this by anonymising all contributions.