Our research blends innovative policy ideas with practical insights to help support councils and communities.  

We believe that many of our biggest national challenges – health and social care, skills and employment support, housing and homelessness – can only be solved locally.

  • Making the Most of International Relationships

    Councils share their lessons learned from partnerships with Europe, Miami-Dade County in Florida, and with a charity in Sierra Leone.

  • The Community Paradigm

    Why public services need radical change and how it can be achieved.

  • The community cure?

    In the UK, access to healthcare may be egalitarian in principle, but outcomes are far from equal. A growing movement is finding bold new solutions in the places, homes and communities that build and sustain good health. Katy Oglethorpe investigates in this long read.

  • Community Power: The Evidence

    The first research to collect and analyse existing evidence of the impact of community power.

  • How to Run a Successful Commission

    Six key factors to consider when setting up a commission that will help you maximise impact.

  • Escaping the Community Power Evidence Paradox

    Community power produces far-ranging benefits. But an ‘evidence paradox’, hard-wired into our policy-making system, is holding back its potential.

Briefings & Submissions

Our latest submissions to parliamentary consultations, inquiries and other calls for evidence.