Radical change in public services is still an uphill struggle. National and local leaders need to make sure they are enabling not blocking the innovators.

8th June, 2023

Councils are constantly looking for new ways to engage their residents, from citizens assemblies to listening sofas. When councils don’t hear residents or don’t act on their views consistently and reliably the costs are very high; you lose trust, community...

15th December, 2022

Ideas and reflections on embedding a more autonomous and permissive working culture; building greater resilience within the workforce; and creating a culture of co-production with local partners and communities.

2nd March, 2022

Grace Pollard explores how organisations can ask themselves: How are we listening? Who are we listening to? And does our listening lead to action?

31st January, 2022

Meet others who are working on the same stuff as you in these subject-specific deep-dive sessions.

5th January, 2022

New Local Network and Events Officer Stephanie Riches explains how the pandemic has changed how she views her own identity and illustrated the importance of taking pride in your area – wherever you are from.   Before the pandemic...

16th September, 2021

Ideas and reflections centred around three main challenges: building trust with communities; creating an organisational culture that values and enables community deliberation; and ensuring that councils are engaging with and hearing from all their communities.

1st September, 2021

Balancing short-term and long-term political and financial pressures with the imperative to respond meaningfully to the climate emergency.

25th May, 2021

Pivoting from the short-term emergency response to Covid-19 towards long-term organic community development.

24th February, 2021

Avoiding a drift back to old norms and ways of working, addressing exclusion and preserving accountability.

15th February, 2021

“Young people often find their voice through producing something creative. But they like to be reassured that their voices will be heard first before they engage in creative activities.” How can we enable creative communities for young people? As...

2nd February, 2021

New Local partnered with Social Finance for an innovation exchange on establishing a new working relationship with partners.

20th January, 2021

How to create a sense of shared purpose and navigate each partner's different objectives and cultures.

9th November, 2020

Experiences of engaging communities - both successes and initiatives that didn't work as well as hoped.

15th June, 2020

How to identify what to measure and get buy-in for assessing impact.

30th April, 2020

Insights of changing organisational cultures in councils from chief executives.

29th November, 2019

This October, I had the pleasure of participating in an NLGN Innovation Exchange for the first time.

6th November, 2019

Looking at data, culture, and other challenges to adopting preventative approaches.

20th September, 2019

Increasingly councils are recognising that it is organisational culture not structure that drives impact. But what is the culture of local government? Why is changing it important? And how can such an intangible thing be transformed? In this essay...

18th April, 2018

Local government needs to engage its current and future workforce to make sure they are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s council. This report uses original research and examples from around the world to explore and outline...

8th December, 2016

In partnership with: “Find a way to keep faith with arts and culture” Arts Council Chair urges local authorities as arts and culture funding falls Sir Peter Bazalgette urged local authorities to work with the Arts Council to back...

13th April, 2016