Our network of members is our greatest asset – a wealth of wisdom from across the country – districts, counties, unitaries and London boroughs – with diverse political leadership.

Our members and partners are united by their appetite for innovation, a willingness to embrace change and passion to simply do things better.

“This network is a precious resource to us in East Ayrshire. Just imagine the value of 70 innovative, can-do councils sharing not only their successes, but the valuable lessons they’ve learnt along the way” 

Katie Kelly, Depute Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council 

Frequent events give members the opportunity to meet to explore different ways of working and new approaches. They get access to cutting-edge research and leading experts but value just as much a safe confidential space to meet with their peers. 

Many of our sessions are totally peer-led, focussing on the successes and failures members have had working on the challenges that we all face. They are all expertly facilitated and concentrate on practical next steps for participants, no matter where they are on their journey. 

Our network also inspires much of our research work, which frequently draws examples and case studies from our members. 

The Innovation Series

At the heart of our offer to members is our innovation series – exclusive peer-learning events, which grapple with a core issue to local government, and produce two researcher-written reports exploring this issue in more detail.

Innovation Exchanges give participants from our member councils a space to step away from day-to-day activities and engage with peers from across the country. Each session addresses a big challenge or opportunity facing councils and their communities. Sessions are peer-led and practically-focused, so participants come away with insights, ideas and learning to share with their team.

Innovation Insights are write-ups of the core points from Innovation Exchanges. These short papers distil the challenges as well as the solutions, approaches and ideas that attendees brought to the session.

Innovation Indepths are a series of case-study rich briefings which share practical learnings from council-led innovation. These briefings feature original examples of how councils have pioneered new approaches, with lessons learned distilled from interviews with individuals involved. The aim of the series, closely linked to our Innovation Exchanges, is to share insights about how to drive through change within the financial and organisational context of local government.