Our network is our greatest asset. We are home to around 70 councils from across the country, of all types and political makeups. They are joined by our corporate partners, offering specialist expertise and support.

Our members and partners are united by a mission to unlock community power, discover new ideas and make change happen. 
Their first-hand insights and on-the-ground experience informs our research. Meanwhile, we work more closely with individual councils through our practice offer.

We offer:  

  • Over 20 events a year, giving staff of all levels the opportunity to meet to explore different ways of working and new approaches on key issues of the day.   
  • Access to leading thinking with tailored workshops and exclusive member resources  
  • Connections across the sector  
  • Opportunities to amplify your good practice.  

Our members benefit from each other’s experience alongside our events, research and practice support to change staff cultures, work smarter and radically improve their relationships with residents. 

“This network is a precious resource to us in East Ayrshire. Just imagine the value of 70 innovative, can-do councils sharing not only their successes, but the valuable lessons they’ve learnt along the way” 

Katie Kelly, Deputy Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council 

The Innovation Series

At the heart of our offer to members is our innovation series – exclusive peer-learning events, which grapple with a core issue to local government, and produce two researcher-written reports exploring this issue in more detail.

Innovation Exchanges give participants from our member councils a space to step away from day-to-day activities and engage with peers from across the country. Each session addresses a big challenge or opportunity facing councils and their communities. Sessions are peer-led and practically-focused, so participants come away with insights, ideas and learning to share with their team.

Our Innovation Explored Series feature a write-up of the core points from the Innovation Exchange, alongside practical learning from councils and other experts pioneering new approaches to tackling today’s biggest challenges. Each Innovation Explored also shares a roundup of relevant resources from the sector and beyond.