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It’s a deeply challenging time for local government – no-one doubts that. But for those with vision it’s also a time of new ideas and radical change.

This is when being part of a network of like-minded organisations and individuals can be invaluable. A group of peers who can give you advice based on their experience when you face a problem and are there when you need to trial an idea or test an insight.

“This network is a precious resource to us here in East Ayrshire. Just imagine the value of 60 innovative, can-do councils sharing not only their successes, but the valuable lessons they’ve learnt along the way”

Katie Kelly, Depute Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council

“Any chief executive wanting to connect their team with the big, new and exciting trends in local government and public services should make engaging with New Local their priority."

Robin Tuddenham, Chief Executive, Calderdale Council

"May I take this opportunity to say thank you for another fantastic year of New Local membership. Not quite the year we all planned but you have topped up my resilience and kept me ambitious and optimistic through many challenging months.”

Amanda Askham, Head of Transformation, Cambridgeshire County Council

Nick Kimber, Camden CouncilNick Kimber, Camden Council
"Community Power has the potential to revolutionise how local government works and improve citizens’ lives. That’s why we’re excited to join New Local. Our membership will be an incredibly valuable catalyst for the work we need to do."

Nick Kimber, Director of Corporate Strategy and Policy Design, Camden Council 

What do I get from membership?

Joining New Local gives you and your colleagues access to: 

  • Over 20 peer-led, intensive events each year – safe and confidential spaces for honest conversations about the challenges we all face. Discussions are expertly facilitated by New Local staff and are always practically focussed.  
  • Direct access to our team of research experts who work full time on emerging trends and the future of local government, always with a clear and practical focus. 
  • Tailored facilitated sessions for you and your team exploring your own council’s approach and potential. 
  • Access to members-only publications and briefings, responding to practical, prescient issues in local government

The Innovation Series

At the heart of our offer to members is our innovation series – peer-learning events, which grapple with a core issue to local government, and produce two researcher-written reports exploring this issue in more detail. Both the events and reports are exclusive to members.

Innovation Exchanges give participants from our member councils a space to step away from day-to-day activities and engage with peers from across the country. Each session addresses a big challenge or opportunity facing councils and their communities. Sessions are peer-led and practically-focused, so participants come away with insights, ideas and learning to share with their teams.

Innovation Insights are a series of rapid write-ups from our Innovation Exchanges. Here, we share the challenges as well as the solutions, approaches and ideas that attendees brought to the session.

Innovation Indepths are a series of briefings which each take a detailed look at a topic inspired by our Innovation Exchanges. These practical briefings share case-studies filled with insights and learning from organisations delivering these innovations.

Who is it for? 

Our members are the most forward-thinking, ready-to-learn councils and organisations of all tiers and political persuasions from across the country.

We ask every prospective member to consider carefully if they are able to commit time and energy to exploring new ideas and willing to be candid about their own successes and failures to help others.

If you think you can, the investment is worth it – you’ll be at the heart of the UK’s most vibrant, engaged and innovative network of councils and we can’t wait to start working with you! 

Read Camden Council on why they joined the New Local Network.

Get in touch

For more information, contact
Rich Nelmes,
Director of Network.