How does a council rebrand its place, building a story and narrative that helps it to thrive? We explore how it was done in York and Hackney.

19th May, 2022

Our communities are facing big and complex challenges, ones that can only be addressed by working together, across all areas of the system. Getting services, especially from different organisations, to collaborate is not an easy task. How do we...

26th April, 2022

Meet others who are working on the same stuff as you in these subject-specific deep-dive sessions. There’ll always be an expert and a frontline practitioner on hand, but the most valuable bit will be those peer-to-peer connections. Participation in...

14th April, 2022

How to identify what to measure and get buy-in for assessing impact.

30th April, 2020

Insights of changing organisational cultures in councils from chief executives.

29th November, 2019

Exploring the importance of prototyping in developing an innovation.

28th November, 2019