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If you’re interested in our practice or consultancy work, please contact Nicola Steuer

We create community-powered organisations.  

Our consultancy – or practice – work helps bring councils, NHS Trusts, charities, and others closer to their communities, and unlocks the transformative power of residents and service-users.   

Our practice is unique. We combine the latest ideas from our research with the freshest insights from working with our network of innovative local authorities. Our approach is collaborative and innovative, focused on genuinely solving problems and finding practical solutions.

“Adam and his team were excellent. Their expertly facilitated sessions gave councillors and senior officers space to think through our approach to some of the toughest challenges that local government faces right now.”

Ian Thomas, Chief Executive, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Who do you work with?  

We have worked with local authorities of all types, sizes, geographies and political makeup; as well as with NHS Trusts and charities.  

We engage across senior leadership teams, managers and frontline staff to create organisation-wide change.  

Why should I choose to work with New Local?  

New Local has been working alongside local government, public services and communities since 1996.  

We are both a think tank and a local government network. Our consultancy work combines the latest thought leadership with lessons from the front line. 

New Local is the home of community power. Our seminal 2019 report The Community Paradigm captured the need to transform public services using a people-powered approach. Since then, we’ve developed this thinking through groundbreaking research, and have been helping organisations put it into practice.

What is your approach to practice?  

Our approach isn’t that of a standard consultancy. We understand that the expertise already rests within your organisation. Our role is to work with you to draw that expertise out through deliberation and consensus-building; shaping plans which your people already feel they own. 

What kind of topics do you tackle? 

We’ve worked with organisations on issues including:  

  • Understanding and shifting organisational culture 
  • Improving decision-making and collaboration  
  • Organisational strategies and visions of place 

Community power runs through all our work. We believe that communities themselves hold the solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the public sector.   

Our team’s expertise spans themes including healthcare, devolution, social care, climate change, housing and democracy.   

Who from New Local is involved?  

Your practice workshops will be run by between one and three members of the New Local team, who are professional policy researchers or consultants specialising in public services, organisational strategy and community power. You will have consistent contacts throughout your work with us.  

How long does it take?  

Practice work can last anything from an afternoon to a few months – depending on the nature of the topics being addressed and the resources available to you. We will help you come up with the programme that suits your needs best.  

Do you work face-to-face or online?  

New Local has experience running both virtual and in-person workshops and events. We follow the latest social distancing guidelines, alongside the preferences and concerns of your staff and our own.  

How much does it cost?  

We are competitively priced, with reductions for members of New Local’s network.

To enquire further please contact our Director of Practice, Nicola Steuer.

Work with us

If you’re interested in our practice or consultancy work, please contact Nicola Steuer