New Local is an independent think tank and network of councils, with a mission to transform public services and unlock community power.

We look for new, community-based solutions to some of our society’s biggest challenges – and team up with innovative people from across all parts of government and communities to achieve change. 

  • Our network is home to 70+ councils and other organisations, united in a drive to create sustainable and community-led public services.
  • Our research team explores some of the most pressing issues we’re facing today – from welfare support, to social care, to building economic resilience.
  • Our practice work connects directly with councils and others, supporting them to transform into community-powered organisations.
  • At the heart of all this is the belief in community power – the idea that people should have more say over the places they live and the services they use. We believe a paradigm shift is needed to create sustainable public services, better places to live – and enhanced wellbeing for all.
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