Tuesday 29 March
Wednesday 30 March
The Guildhall, London and Online

Stronger Things 2022 – Community Power: The Movement Grows

Tuesday 29 March  |  Wednesday 30 March  |  The Guildhall, London and Online

Thank you for being part of Stronger Things 2022 – the community power event of the year.

Watch full videos of all our speakers below.

Angela Rayner on the power of communities

Angela Rayner shares her personal experiences of the power of communities in shaping a fairer economy and creating better places to live.

Claire Hazelgrove on putting people’s voices at the heart of change

TPXImpact’s Claire Hazelgrove on how lifting up people’s voices can bring communities together.

Fiona Hill on how abandoning communities creates populism

Dr Fiona Hill, former United States National Security Council member, explains the serious consequences of abandoning communities. Includes insight from her own life story – from County Durham to Washington DC.

Politics as Though People Matter

The culture of the Westminster bubble alienates most people from the heart of political decision-making. How can we do politics in new ways that engage people?

Our panel of political leaders discuss their frustrations with devolution, the importance of disagreeing well and how to make community power an issue the parties compete on.


  • Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire
  • Danny Kruger MP, co-founder of the New Social Covenant Unit
  • Will Tanner, Director of Onward
  • Chair: Jessica Studdert, New Local

Jon Alexander on being Citizens, not Consumers

Jon Alexander, author of CITIZENS, on how to stop thinking like a consumer and start thinking like a citizen.

Kennedy Odede on how change starts with you and Shining Hope for Communities

Kennedy Odede, the inspirational founder of Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), shares his story of starting a global community movement with just a football – and how you can take action in your community.

Can community power revolutionise health care?

Community-led approaches make people happier and healthier. But how do we help our systems recognise this and radically change the way they work?

This discussion is full of inspiring and challenging takeaways to change how you work.


  • Professor Donna Hall CBE, Chair of Bolton NHS Trust & New Local
  • Olivia Butterworth, Deputy Director People and Communities, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Chair: Alastair McLellan, Editor, Health Service Journal

Audrey Tang on using tech to make democracy better and trust communities

Digital Minister of Taiwan Audrey Tang speaks to Jon Alexander, author of CITZENS, about how Taiwan used tech and communities to fight Covid-19 and mis-information – ‘the infodemic’ – through memes, crowdsourcing and real time open data.

This incredibly inspiring talk will change what you think is possible and help you imagine how to trust your community.

Doing Community Power – local leaders on how to make change happen

Interested in community power, but not sure where to start? Thinking about how to convince colleagues? Where are the obstacles and traps? How do you measure impact?

Key insights and lessons learned from the leaders who have made it happen:

  • Judah Armani, Designer in Residence at InnovationRCA
  • Cormac Russell, Managing Director of Nurture Development
  • Nick Sinclair, Director of the Local Area Coordination Network
  • Hazel Stuteley, Founder of C2 – Connecting Communities
  • Grace Pollard, Senior Policy Researcher at New Local
  • Chair: Jessica Studdert, New Local’s Deputy Chief Executive

Dr Sheila Neogi on how community health workers can help the NHS

“Community health workers are our essential eyes and ears, identifying people who need extra help”. Local GP Dr Sheila Neogi explains the huge impact that community health workers have had in her area and how they could help transform the NHS.

We’re Right Here – the campaign for community power

The community leaders behind the We’re Right Here campaign speak about their struggles for recognition and access and why we need a new law to open the doors to power.


  • Neelam Heera, founder of Cysters
  • Charlotte Hollins, Community Trust Manager at Fordhall Community Land Initiative
  • Andy Jackson, Heeley Development Trust
  • Inayat Omarji MBE, Bolton community activist
  • Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham
  • Chair: Danielle Walker Palmour, Director, Friends Provident Foundation

Ben Hughes on letting people lead their own recovery from drugs

Ben Hughes explains how Essex County Council are transferring control of drug and alcohol services strategy and spending over to a charity – the Essex Recovery Foundation – which is led by people who use the service and their families.

Nazir Afzal OBE on challenging myths about ‘hard to reach’ communities

Former Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England Nazir Afzal OBE shares stories, insight, and inspiration from his incredible career including – why you have to meet communities where they are, why we should challenge the idea of ‘hard to reach’, and how he persuaded the government to act on honour killings.

Chair: Professor Erinma Bell MBE

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