Stronger Things 2021

Thank you for making Stronger Things 2021 such an amazing event!

You can watch recordings of the main sessions below or on the New Local YouTube channel.

Community power: a public service revolution

“We have to stop saying ‘what’s the matter with you?’, and start asking people what matters to them.”

Panel on how community power is changing people’s services with:

  • Clenton Farquharson MBE (Chair, Think Local Act Personal)
  • Dr Jaweeda Idoo (Clinical Champion for Personalised Care, GMHSC)
  • Katie Kelly (Deputy Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council)
  • Chair: Professor Donna Hall CBE (Chair, Bolton NHS Trust and Chair, New Local)

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The power of community in a crisis

“The power of communities comes from their ability to speedily identify issues, because they’re already there.”

Insight from the innovators leading the response to Covid-19 in their communities with:

Links: Tweets from this panel / Social Care Future Inquiry

Turning education upside down: letting young people lead

“Rekindle school isn’t for those failing in education, it’s for those who need to fall back in love with education.”

Ruth Ibegbuna is the founder of Rekindle School, a youth-led school. She talks to one of Rekindle’s young trustees Jaiden Corfield about their mission.

Links: Tweets from this panel / Rekindle School Animation

Community power and devolution: why you can’t have one without the other

“The possibilities are endless once you start to see names rather than numbers.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham speaks to Heather Jameson, Editor of The MJ, about getting power out of Whitehall and into local communities.

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Rebuilding the fabric of our communities

“The voluntary, political, and private sector need to value and understand each other more – we need to bring all of their strengths together”

Danny Kruger MP and the Jo Cox Foundation’s Kim Leadbeater talk to Will Tanner, head of think tank Onward, about community resilence.

Links: Tweets from this panel / Connection Coalition / More in Common Network – The Jo Cox Foundation

The future of community wealth building

“Community wealth building can build local problem-solving. It’s a strategy for building shared prosperity.”

Ted Howard, US co-founder and President of The Democracy Collaborative speaks to Danielle Walker Palmour, Director of Friends Provident Foundation, about the impact of community ownership approaches.

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Action on health equity

“Ask yourself how to be a leader for the health of the population you serve, not just the health care.”

Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health talks to Professor Donna Hall, Chair of New Local, about how inequality shapes our health – and what we can do to fix it.

Links: Tweets from this panel / The Covid-19 Marmot Review / The Marmot Review 10 Years On

Community power and equality

“It’s not as if the data is difficult to understand – the more equal countries do better. That’s why genuine leveling up is so essential.”

Social geographer Danny Dorling talks to New Local’s Jessica Studdert about how we can’t solve poverty without addressing inequality, and why we need more than a political superhero to make it happen.

Links: Tweets from this panel / Equality Trust Manifesto

Community power: the idea, the reality and the impact

“Instead of getting your smartest people into a room in Whitehall, coming out with a policy and scaling it up – you allow experiments to play out in local places – that is the experimentation that leads to innovation.”

The New Local research team explore the theory, practice and evidence behind community power:

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