The Community Paradigm: Why public services need radical change and how it can be achieved

March 17, 2019   By


Our public services, designed in previous eras, are struggling to adapt to the rising demand pressures they face today. Yet across public services in the UK and beyond, radical innovations are emerging which meet the challenge.

The feature that connects these innovations is the handing over of significant power and resource to communities. Using these innovations as inspiration, The Community Paradigm sets out a compelling case for a deep shift in public services based on a completely new relationship between citizen and state.

This relationship rejects the hierarchical and transactional mindsets of traditional service models which all too often bypass people’s assets and capabilities. Instead, it fosters collaboration between the public servant and the citizen, sharing power and resources more directly with people, to embed prevention and ensure future sustainability.

Combining policy analysis and insights from leading edge practice, The Community Paradigm sets out a new vision and policy agenda for the future of public services.

You can read a blog giving an overview of the case for a new Community Paradigm by report co-author Jessica Studdert HERE.

This paper will form the foundation that shapes NLGN’s ongoing research programme and network practice in the future. If you or your organisation would like to find out more about how we are helping public services shift towards the Community Paradigm and how you can get involved, please email the report authors directly – Adam Lent, New Local Chief Executive on and Jessica Studdert, New Local Deputy Director on

March 17, 2019
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