Council leaders have set out a roadmap for reforming public services and rebuilding trust under a future Labour government, starting with giving meaningful power and influence to communities. 

26th September, 2023

Ahead of the Spring Budget, Joe Sarling makes the case for a new economic vision with resilience at its heart.

13th March, 2023

Imran Hashmi unpacks the relationship between economic growth and wellbeing, arguing that local people should be at the heart of decisions about economic policy in their area.

9th March, 2023

There has been a growing importance placed on the relationship between the council and its residents. Over recent years, we have seen the increased popularity of engagement methods like citizen assemblies and strength-based service approaches, that have brought more...

20th January, 2023

We’re calling for a Community Power Act, a major piece of legislation which would fundamentally change where power lies in this country. The Act would: Create three new community rights over spaces, services and spending Introduce Community Covenants Establish...

13th May, 2022

Looking more closely at the detail beneath the positive Budget headlines.

28th October, 2021

Give communities the power they need to level up

22nd September, 2021

Exploring the ground-breaking work of economist Elinor Ostrom, the intellectual hero of community power. And asking what it could mean for the UK today.

21st October, 2020

This report explores the dividing lines that drove 2016’s decision to Leave. This report reveals the Brexit vote was a visible expression of the diverse economic trajectories, experiences and identities in England. This report, carried out by the University...

23rd January, 2018

Government must acknowledge health as an economic asset that boosts workforce productivity Over 85% of senior public health officers surveyed1 found that economic development departments are not as engaged as they could be £65m should be invested in Health...

28th November, 2017

Data is a powerful tool. Technology and digitalisation are playing a growing role in the delivery of improved service efficiency by linking data from a variety of sources. For councils, harnessing meaningful data and turning it into actionable outcomes...

10th November, 2017

The Chancellor’s first Budget, and the first following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, needed to shore up the domestic economy, particularly against structural challenges of weak productivity and our ageing population. So how do the announcements affect...

8th March, 2017

For many years national politicians have avoided the question of ‘British Identity’ as connected to a set of values or principles. Instead, ‘we’ have known ourselves through economic terms, comparative to other nations, on the basis of our financial...

1st February, 2017

NLGN brought together local government chief executives to take part in an exercise to explore how place based, integrated public services can deliver budget reductions and better outcomes for people. We wanted to explore ideas and models for scaling...

17th July, 2014