Xia Lin from Toynbee Hall introduces a research method designed to embed resident participation in local change-making.

6th September, 2023

Xia Lin from Toynbee Hall introduces a research method designed to embed resident participation in local change-making and explains how co-design principles can be used to level the power playing field.

6th September, 2023

Produced in partnership with What Works Centre for Wellbeing, this report reviews the evidence related to community agency, control and power and their effects on community wellbeing.

22nd June, 2023

Co-designing with marginalised communities can have hugely positive impacts but is often a challenge for many local authorities to do in reality. At this session we heard from Toynbee Hall who have used a method called participatory action research...

7th June, 2023

Urgent action is needed in response to the growing number of people affected by deepening poverty in the UK. Developed in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, this report sets out a framework to support local areas to design...

10th May, 2023

In collaboration with The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, we have developed a framework to support local areas to make progress towards designing out the most severe forms of hardship.

10th May, 2023

New Local’s Polly Lord and Tom Chigbo from TPXimpact share some of the learnings from their research on innovative community engagement, carried out with the LGA.

7th February, 2023

Given current challenges around local government finance, increasing revenue is top of the agenda for all councils right now. Additional investment is needed to fulfil your ambitions and provide high quality places where people want to live.   Many councils...

20th January, 2023

Drawing on recent work in Edmonton, North London, Nicola Steuer charts an impactful and cost-effective route for Integrated Care Systems to tackle health inequalities.

17th January, 2023

The current cost-of-living crisis adds to the urgency to not only mitigate the impact of poverty, but to fundamentally rethink how systems can prevent people falling into the deepest forms of hardship. Together with Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), New...

23rd August, 2022

5 lessons from 15 years of supporting better outcomes by developing effective place-based partnerships.

25th March, 2022

CitizenLab share their top tips for community engagement and explain the value of a dedicated digital engagement team.

17th March, 2022

Ideas and reflections on embedding a more autonomous and permissive working culture; building greater resilience within the workforce; and creating a culture of co-production with local partners and communities.

2nd March, 2022

Participative approaches are popular - but they often fail to be truly inclusive Alex Fox OBE, who leads the revolutionary Shared Lives community carer scheme, shares his two lessons for making sure people with disabilities and other excluded groups...

30th October, 2019

A week ago, the UK reached its hottest recorded temperature. Over the weekend half a month’s rain fell in one hour. On Tuesday, major flooding hit Yorkshire. And yesterday, the Met Office confirmed that the UK’s 10 hottest years...

1st August, 2019

“Thanks for this short bright moment in a very gloomy world” – Silver Sunday guest Last week when I opened the NLGN Annual Conference, I cited “Silver Sunday” as an exemplar of community collaboration in tackling isolation and loneliness...

15th March, 2019

Developing deeper relationships with your residents and moving from a transactional relationship to a collaborative one.

20th October, 2018

Exploring how different councils have approached co-production: where users are equally responsible for shaping a service.

29th May, 2018

NLGN is today launching our latest Innovation Briefing, exclusively for our members. This focusses on how local authorities are using co-production to transform their services and make sure they meet the needs of the people who use them. For...

8th May, 2018

Community participation in local government initiatives has become an imperative globally, including the UK, since it lies at the core of democratic values. Nonetheless, it continues to be a challenge, and it is often implemented in very limited ways,...

3rd February, 2018

Mainly due to budget cuts over the past seven years, councils have become more efficient in how they work. But a new approach is needed in order to boost productivity and maintain the quality of service. Lucy Terry explains...

11th July, 2017