How do people from post-industrial areas – and other economically disadvantaged communities – feel about being labelled ‘left behind’? What could a more inclusive, representative vocabulary look like? James Morrison shares his take on why the language of inequality...

13th October, 2022

How does a council rebrand its place, building a story and narrative that helps it to thrive? We explore how it was done in York and Hackney.

19th May, 2022

Ideas and reflections on the challenges of: Developing a simple narrative that is owned by partners and communities, not just the council, and reflects the diversity of voices and experiences in the place; Making the narrative meaningful in practice and...

19th May, 2022

How to create a sense of shared purpose and navigate each partner's different objectives and cultures.

9th November, 2020

How to overcome common challenges and think strategically when implementing climate change policy.

4th December, 2019