Local government finance can be mystifying. Taxes, rates, grants; shifting parametres and endless micro reforms. And yet how councils get their money has inescapable consequences for our places and services. Luckily, Jessica Studdert is on-hand to shed a light...

23rd July, 2021

Ever wondered what your council tax was spent on, or what goes on inside a town hall? Read this explainer to find out.

27th May, 2021

All over the world, people are coming together to make decisions on some of the major issues we're facing today. But what is the potential for real consensus vs conflict? And does this modish form of community power have...

11th May, 2021

Local government can seem complicated, but it's where local democracy happens. We start our explainer series by looking at the different types of council in England and what they do.

5th May, 2021

Community Power: The Evidence is the first research to take a comprehensive view of what community power looks like - featuring examples from across the UK and internationally. It is also the first to collect and analyse existing...

23rd February, 2021

As the vaccine rollout widens, how can local services reach eligible people who remain hesitant to make an appointment? In this how-to guide, the experts from the Behavioural Insights Team look at how to nudge more people to get...

10th February, 2021

Together, councils and communities did extraordinary things during Covid-19. Our Shifting the Balance research explores how practices, cultures and attitudes changed - and how to keep hold of some of the advances for the future.

27th January, 2021

Neil Prior, Head of Transformation at Pembrokeshire County Council reflects on the transformation that the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled in his council - particularly in forging a closer relationship between public officials and their local community.

27th January, 2021

Shaped by conversations with public and third sector leaders across England, Wales and Scotland, Shifting the Balance explores how councils and communities joined together to fight Covid-19. And it sets out recommendations for how to take forward the adaptation,...

27th January, 2021

Covid-19 has brought unimaginable hardship to local communites, but it has also sparked a shift in mindset, culture and practice that helped many get through the pandemic and will provide valuable lessons for how councils and communities combine to...

13th January, 2021