Fife Council's Mike Enston tells us about the challenge of growing inequalities, the council’s ambitions to redistribute power to the community and why you can’t visit Fife without enjoying some award-winning fish and chips.

9th November, 2023

Built on the power of relationships, this project brought together local residents with lived experience of poverty and key decision makers in the public, private and third sectors to identify solutions to poverty in Trafford.

13th September, 2023

There are signs that community power could be becoming a political reality. We speak to TPXimpact’s Claire Hazelgrove on the imperative of seizing the moment.

11th September, 2023

Councils want high streets thriving for local benefit. Asset owners need exciting, impact-driven ideas for underused and vacant buildings. Communities have amazing ideas for their neighbourhoods, but struggle to access buildings to make them happen. So how do you...

20th January, 2023

With a difficult winter looming, councils are searching for innovative ways to support their residents. In our latest ‘How We Did It’, Alison Dunn of Gateshead Council shares her experience of setting up a coordinated warm spaces project.

22nd November, 2022

In the latest of our ‘How We Did It’ event series, Claire Vibert shares her experience of setting up and running a complex and collaborative Poverty Truth Commission in Trafford, Greater Manchester.

20th September, 2022

If you are thinking of shaking up the way your council does asset transfer in the future or are intrigued to hear more about how to use asset transfer to engage communities, then this session is for you! We...

15th December, 2021

The cost-of-living crisis is a live emergency facing councils and communities up and down the country. Councils are searching for innovative ways to tackle the challenges that constant rising prices bring and get a deeper understanding from those it...

15th December, 2021

Once described as the 'scrag-end' of Kingston-upon-Thames, Tolworth was less a destination, more a place to pass through or avoid completely. That was until a group of local residents decided to add a bit of colour, playfulness and plastic...

29th July, 2021

Ruth Ibegbuna has devoted her career to amplifying the voices and broadening the life choices of young people – particularly those from working-class, BAME and Northern backgrounds. Her current pioneering work includes joining up community members scarred by Brexit...

1st March, 2021

A vlog from Katie Kelly, Depute Chief Executive - Safer Communities, at East Ayshire Council in Scotland. In 2013, Katie helped set up the council's Vibrant Communities Service - a ground-breaking approach to sharing power between the local authority...

7th December, 2020

We're talking to people leading change in local government about their work, their place, and the pandemic.

23rd June, 2020

Wigan council’s Chief Executive Alison McKenzie-Folan on how her local authority have dealt with the challenges of the Covid pandemic. There have been smiles and tears, exhilaration and complete exhaustion. The past months seem like a year and the...

22nd June, 2020

We talk to people leading change in local government about their work, their place and the pandemic.

17th June, 2020

To mark International Women’s Day 2020, we speak to Julia Unwin DBE, whose remarkable career has seen her lead the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and lead an inquiry into the future of civil society. She talks about the social passions...

6th March, 2020

Kajal Odera ran campaigns for Youth Parliament, Crisis and Macmillan before joining – an online petition website with over 240 million users worldwide. She became the UK Executive Director in 2017. Kajal will be one of our ‘unleashed’...

6th March, 2020

We meet Alison Haskins, who taught sewing in Lesotho before helping to revitalise a community in a diverse area of Yorkshire.

27th February, 2020

Get to know Hannah Sloggett who revitalised an area of Plymouth through Nudge Community Builders, starting with a street party and going on to turn an empty pub into housing for single parents.

20th February, 2020