Luca Tiratelli on why the way we define 'community' and 'underused land' will determine the success of the government's new Right to Regenerate.

8th April, 2021

How do you try to solve a problem like homelessness? By working with Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, Kirklees Council focused on asking people what they wanted to achieve. How a community-led and ‘asset-based’ approach made a difference.

15th February, 2021

NLGN have published a report that revealed London’s boroughs could build a new generation of council houses, avoid disrupting the lives of poorer citizens and save money for the Exchequer in the process. This could allow them to build...

16th December, 2011

Abusing social housing should change from a civil to a criminal offence 50,000 properties estimated to be unlawfully sub-let Call backed by the Chartered Institute of Housing Savings of £750m could be made by recovering all unlawfully sub-let properties...

9th March, 2010