This member-exclusive Innovation Explored takes a look what a successful social economy could look like and what would be needed to help it thrive.

4th April, 2024

We put Des Keighan in our ‘How We Did It’ hot seat to hear how Swansea Bay University Health Board has become low carbon by retrofitting buildings and turning unused land into a solar farm which powers the local...

22nd February, 2024

Councils up and down the country are having to make really difficult financial decisions. Decisions that will impact the way you run services and how you engage with your communities.   So, how do you ensure that communities, their views...

16th November, 2023

Ahead of the Spring Budget, Joe Sarling makes the case for a new economic vision with resilience at its heart.

13th March, 2023

A thriving and growing social economy is the desire of every council.  The key to making this a success is empowering communities and community businesses to have a real stake in their local economy.   But how do you actually...

20th January, 2023

Local economic change looms for many communities. High streets are transforming as consumer habits shift, working patterns are altering in the wake of the pandemic, and new kinds of local economic collaboration are emerging.

3rd October, 2022

The new Shared Properity Fund promised a lot - slashing bureaucracy, giving local control, creating wealth. So why does it so closely replicate dumped EU funding? Joe Sarling finds a severe case of centralised civil service-ese.

14th April, 2022

Vidhya Alakeson looks at how to create social, not just commercial town centre spaces.

25th November, 2021

As part of the Community Wealth Fund ‘Week of Action’, New Local co-hosted this event on how investing in social infrastructure helps communities and how councils can support the Community Wealth Fund campaign to access funds for investment from...

3rd November, 2021

Looking more closely at the detail beneath the positive Budget headlines.

28th October, 2021

Balancing short-term and long-term political and financial pressures with the imperative to respond meaningfully to the climate emergency.

25th May, 2021

Last week's budget has caused controversy with its low payrise for nurses. But what gained less attention was loosened rules around stock market trading - intending to bring more unregulated investment to the City. It's a paradox that raises...

8th March, 2021

Exploring the development of partnerships between local authorities and social investors.

18th December, 2018

In 2008, Alistair Darling’s Autumn Statement as Chancellor of the Exchequer contained two bombshells. The first being that he was spending £200bn to keep the economy afloat following the financial crash of a few weeks earlier. The second was...

24th October, 2018

This is a critical year for local government. The Spending Review, the social care green paper and decisions on funding the NHS are all individually important, but collectively they could be game changing. There is an opportunity to set...

1st June, 2018

This week Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to levy a new tax on large businesses to help address the city’s homelessness problems. Through negotiation and consensus-building, a democratically-elected local assembly agreed a new financial levy to address a pressing...

18th May, 2018

Guide to setting up effective governance of commercialisation projects to reduce risks and enable growth.

20th October, 2017

In 2013, Eric Pickles accused local government of ‘hypocrisy’ for ‘pleading poverty when they have trebled their cash reserves over the last decade’.1 But last week, DCLG released data on local authority spending and financing in England which reveals...

31st August, 2017

Key questions to ask when thinking about a trading company model, including and case studies of successful examples.

20th July, 2017

The likelihood of this manifesto being enacted is probably about the same as aliens invading Britain the same day you’re struck by lightning and win the lottery jackpot. As we’ve seen with intention of the Women’s Equality Party manifesto,...

22nd May, 2017

We need to talk about fiscal devolution. Fiscal devolution is an issue that national politicians won’t touch even with someone else’s bargepole. So scared are they of the electorate getting a whiff of the prospect of a tax increase,...

28th April, 2017

Since Theresa May took over as Prime Minister, local councils have increasingly understood that their future now resides in their own hands. The devolution agenda, once driven by the former Chancellor, has severely lost energy. Instead, the new Government...

24th April, 2017

The Chancellor’s first Budget, and the first following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, needed to shore up the domestic economy, particularly against structural challenges of weak productivity and our ageing population. So how do the announcements affect...

8th March, 2017

Yesterday’s NLGN Annual Conference came with a painful sting in the tail. The day was dominated by talk of creativity and collaboration – bursting with ideas about how technology, new approaches to the workforce, co-operation between public sector agencies...

22nd February, 2017