How giving local areas the chance to manage their own skills development could transform post-16 education and local employment.

6th October, 2020

This report highlights ideas and best practice successfully implemented by countries, regions and cities around the world in response to similar challenges faced by places in the UK.

3rd July, 2019

It has become so rare to hear national politicians talk about returning power over schools to councils that Angela Rayner’s forthright speech to the Labour conference came as something of a surprise. In an agenda-setting intervention, the Shadow Secretary...

26th September, 2018

Claire Mansfield, head of research at the New Local Government Network (NLGN), Lucy Terry, senior researcher at the organisation, Barry Pirie, a former PPMA president, and current PPMA president Caroline Nugent, discuss the findings of the recent ‘Outside the...

14th August, 2017

Local government needs to engage its current and future workforce to make sure they are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s council. This report uses original research and examples from around the world to explore and outline...

8th December, 2016

Young people face a widening ‘expectation gap’ as their dreams of a stable career, home and family become ever more unattainable, localism think tank NLGN warns today in its report Great Expectations: The Next Steps for a New Generation.

23rd January, 2013