Mark Green, from the award-winning Local Data Spaces project, looks at how to improve data sharing to increase impact in your area.

25th October, 2021

Looking at data, culture, and other challenges to adopting preventative approaches.

20th September, 2019

Insight into how to get the right team in place to explore the possibilities of data.

20th March, 2018

Data is a powerful tool. Technology and digitalisation are playing a growing role in the delivery of improved service efficiency by linking data from a variety of sources. For councils, harnessing meaningful data and turning it into actionable outcomes...

10th November, 2017

Pye Nyunt writes about his experience of setting up a council insight function. In October 2016, we set up the “Insight Hub” at Barking & Dagenham Town Hall, with the aim to focus on making better use of the...

2nd June, 2017

data is not just a financial asset, but equally that it is the key that unlocks council’s ability to fully integrate and transform the services they offer local people to truly develop the full potential of their places.

23rd April, 2015