We’re calling for a Community Power Act, a major piece of legislation which would fundamentally change where power lies in this country. The Act would: Create three new community rights over spaces, services and spending Introduce Community Covenants Establish...

13th May, 2022

Two thirds of people do not trust national politicians to address the mounting cost of living crisis.

8th May, 2022

In this crisis-ridden era, Adam Lent argues that a bigger state is needed but it must be a fundamentally different, community powered state.

23rd February, 2022

A new campaign seeks support for a route to decentralisation that is more meaningful and radical than the government’s, writes Adam Lent

17th January, 2022

Following the launch of the We’re Right Here campaign, Adam Lent explains why we’ve joined the drive to enshrine the rights of communities in law.

30th November, 2021

Holding onto second jobs and central power - Westminster is unable to change itself from within.

12th November, 2021

We're looking for community leaders to develop and lead a major new campaign for community power.

18th August, 2021