Jessica Studdert on a new way of treating healthcare: one that puts communities – and therefore prevention – first.

12th July, 2022

To mark the two-year anniversary of The Community Paradigm, we’ve released a new animation explaining the big idea behind community power. And why it’s needed right now. We’ve also released a new preface and a podcast:

4th March, 2021

In this podcast, Adam and Jess introduce a brand new preface for the Community Paradigm - reflecting on new context created by the Covid pandemic, and the increased urgency to create sustainable, fairer services.

4th March, 2021

To mark two years since the report's first publication - and to reflect the dramatic change in our national circumstances and outlook - Adam Lent and Jessica Studdert have written a new preface to The Community Paradigm.

4th March, 2021

How could a community-led alternative to England’s current housing system could deliver more, and better, housing?

12th November, 2020