Summer Simpson speaks to Lucy Colbeck, programme manager at Playing Out, about the benefits of street play for local communities, growing support for the movement in local and central government, why residents should stay in the driving seat and...

26th March, 2024

Produced in partnership with What Works Centre for Wellbeing, this report reviews the evidence related to community agency, control and power and their effects on community wellbeing.

22nd June, 2023

CitizenLab share their top tips for community engagement and explain the value of a dedicated digital engagement team.

17th March, 2022

Chris Clarke of HOPE Not Hate introduces a new tool to help councils find and secure funds for community cohesion projects.

24th January, 2022

Councils that seriously engage their residents build deep relationships of trust that enable them to transform a place together. This kind of shared agenda saves you money, time and aggro down the road because the whole community is bought...

4th January, 2022

Bonnie Hewson explores how co-production can help rebuild trust between councils and communities.

10th November, 2021

Stories aren’t a distraction from action but rather a way to nurture and inspire it.

3rd November, 2021

From the start of 2021, HOPE not hate Charitable Trust are starting to build a Towns Leadership Network, to improve community cohesion. The initiative is a central part of their Hopeful Towns project, and aims to support a more...

11th January, 2021