Local government must look beyond conventional consultation approaches to drive forward the environmental agenda that Westminster is so easily abandoning, writes Adam Lent.

13th September, 2023

Adam Lent argues that mayors and councillors need to urgently step into the void left by Westminster climate complacency and start having real, difficult conversations.

25th July, 2023

Climate change and its impacts are already being seen and felt around the world, meaning we need to take action now to mitigate and adapt to its effects. Kelly McBride, Deliberative Democracy Lead at TPXimpact, outlines the opportunities for...

20th July, 2023

Has your council declared a climate emergency but is struggling to make this a reality across the organisation? If so, you’re not alone. All too often, reducing carbon emissions and adapting to rising temperatures is seen as a trade-off...

19th October, 2022

Adam Lent argues that in an era of repeated crises, Chancellors will ultimately have to focus more on delivering resilience than growth.

6th October, 2022

In this crisis-ridden era, Adam Lent argues that a bigger state is needed but it must be a fundamentally different, community powered state.

23rd February, 2022

Listening to communities can unlock co-benefits.

22nd November, 2021

Ideas and reflections centred around three main challenges: Engaging the whole community on climate change. Telling an external story connecting local and global environmental issues. Ensuring climate change is a priority across the council.

8th November, 2021

How do we blast through the inertia currently gripping British climate policy making?

8th November, 2021

Jessica Studdert explains how disadvantaged communities can play a part in the fight against climate change - if they are given the power they need.

26th October, 2021

Councils lack the powers and resources they need to meet net-zero targets or adapt to the effects of climate change, says a new report urging the Government to devolve climate powers to local areas.

20th October, 2021

What can local battles against climate change teach us about what needs to happen on the national stage?

20th October, 2021

Local action can play a major role in our response to climate change.

20th October, 2021

Local action is the ‘missing piece’ of plans to fight climate change.

20th October, 2021

The causes and effects of climate change are different in every part of the UK. If we want to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, we need local solutions to this national problem.

28th July, 2021

Thinking of climate change through a local lens can help us find practical solutions, and stop searching for silver bullets. Luca Tiratelli on our new research project in partnership with Groundwork and Grosvenor.

15th July, 2021

Communities vs Climate Change

13th July, 2021

Balancing short-term and long-term political and financial pressures with the imperative to respond meaningfully to the climate emergency.

25th May, 2021

Most of us recognise that climate change will soon overshadow every crisis that came before. But our approaches to tackling it are too often marred by denial, evasion and false optimism. In this long read, Luca Tiratelli unpacks the...

19th November, 2020

Adam Lent argues that our intensifying climate crisis requires a political, economic and cultural revolution rooted in the empowerment of communities. @adamjlent We enter this new decade in the grip of a triple crisis: of climate, of economic inequality...

20th January, 2020

So, the new decade begins with Australia literally on fire. Unsurprisingly, many of us are feeling the moral imperative for climate action more strongly than ever, and yet a glance at politics right now offers little cause for hope....

6th January, 2020

How to overcome common challenges and think strategically when implementing climate change policy.

4th December, 2019

The environment has been skyrocketing up councils’ agendas in recent years, but local government still faces significant challenges in how to respond.

25th November, 2019

A week ago, the UK reached its hottest recorded temperature. Over the weekend half a month’s rain fell in one hour. On Tuesday, major flooding hit Yorkshire. And yesterday, the Met Office confirmed that the UK’s 10 hottest years...

1st August, 2019

Exploring the work of local government around local renewable energy generation.

18th October, 2018

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released their report into the effects of global warming and confirmed what many have suspected for some time – that global warming is accelerating even faster than predicted three years...

16th October, 2018

In March 2015, NLGN ran a roundtable in partnership with WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff in Birmingham to discuss the low carbon economy and its role in promoting sustainable growth. This paper outlines the key themes coming out of these...

2nd June, 2015