As the vaccine rollout widens, how can local services reach eligible people who remain hesitant to make an appointment? In this how-to guide, the experts from the Behavioural Insights Team look at how to nudge more people to get...

10th February, 2021

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) turn their attention to what life might look like after lockdown, and the opportunities for change this might bring.

29th July, 2020

With the new government committed to building ‘places we want to live in’ by giving communities more say on development, and the upcoming NLGN conference in March looking at how to unleash community power, it is a good time...

18th February, 2020

Exploring how to manage demand using insights from behavioural science.

13th December, 2019

Data is a powerful tool. Technology and digitalisation are playing a growing role in the delivery of improved service efficiency by linking data from a variety of sources. For councils, harnessing meaningful data and turning it into actionable outcomes...

10th November, 2017

Exploring how councils can make use of behavioural insights.

20th October, 2017

Financial constraints and demographic pressures mean councils are increasingly shifting their role from service deliverers to service enablers. Councils and communities are beginning to work more closely together and will need to become more collaborative, creative and self-determined. As...

5th October, 2017