Community Power in Practice

How can we make community power real?

To help councils who want to adopt a community powered approach across their organisation, we are developing a practical resource full of insights and learning from the people pioneering new approaches.

The key questions we will explore

  • What does being community powered mean in practice for the different parts of a council – from frontline employees to chief executives, specific services, and councillors?
  • How do councils start the process of becoming more community powered? How do they move from early experiments to an approach that impacts everything the council does?
  • What are the conditions for shifting towards community power, and how are they created?
  • What kinds of organisational culture are conducive to community powered approaches?
  • How can councils identify and coproduce the approaches that will work best with their particular communities?
  • Where are there examples of impactful community power practice that councils can learn from and adapt?
  • How will community power change councils’ ways of working?

Help shape our research

We can’t do this alone! This project is all about learning from those already putting the principle of community power into practice.

If you have ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, or examples that you think we should be looking at, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lead researchers:

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How to become more community powered – 3 starting points

Photo by Cool Calm Design Lab on Unsplash

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