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Listening Projects: enabling creative communities for young people

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“Young people often find their voice through producing something creative. But they like to be reassured that their voices will be heard first before they engage in creative activities.”

How can we enable creative communities for young people?

As part of A New Direction’s Listening Projects, we spoke to young people and professionals working into the cultural sector about how to remove barriers to participations and let creative places thrive.

The key calls to action from our findings were:

  • Reform the funding system for culture and the arts to promote collaboration rather than competition between local stakeholders and partners.
  • Promote genuine co-production between young people and local partners in placemaking.
  • Increase the representation of people from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds in the creative and cultural sector.

Read our full report on Enabling Creative Communities, featuring the voices of young people.

About the Listening Projects  

A New Direction is a London-based non-profit, generating opportunities for children and young people to unlock their creativity.   

In January 2021, A New Direction commissioned five Listening Projects from five partner organisations – one of which was New Local. The Listening Projects aimed to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the people that A New Direction worked with.  

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