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Housing Beyond Markets and State

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It is increasingly clear that a planning and housing system entirely reliant on top-down imposition cannot ensure the best outcomes.

Equally, a free-for-all based entirely on individuals interacting through markets is neither desirable nor achievable. The work of Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom suggests a new community-driven approach is possible, one that empowers local communities at different scales to make decisions about the issues that primarily affect them, while giving planners more resources and time to focus on master-planning and strategic questions. 

This research will draw on the work of Ostrom and New Local’s Community Paradigm, to develop a new vision for housing provision that moves beyond the failing market-state dichotomy. It will explore how putting communities in the lead in more creative ways and pursuing smaller scale resident-led policies might offer a way through the impasse of an adversarial and disempowering process that all too often stops homes being built where they are needed.  

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