The unrelenting demand crisis facing our public services demands radical innovation. This is what a Sussex NHS physio practice achieved with resounding success through a Community Appointment Day. We hear from the people who turned a bold vision into...

14th December, 2023

Councils are often looking for new and innovative ways to engage and hear from people in their communities.   Designing spaces and conversations that ensure you create a comfortable and productive space for everyone is essential, especially if you want...

16th November, 2023

Xia Lin from Toynbee Hall introduces a research method designed to embed resident participation in local change-making.

6th September, 2023

What is the Community Wealth Fund, and what would it mean for local authorities? Polly Lord talks to Matt Leach, CEO of Local Trust, about the campaign.

16th December, 2022

We know the diagnosis: the NHS is at risk from ever-increasing demand. We need a new approach to healthcare that makes prevention a reality – by putting communities first.

4th October, 2022