Tomorrow’s Places: How councils can harness smart capabilities

March 17, 2017   By Dr Abigail Gilbert

Technology is always evolving. However over the last decade our ability to harness the data it can generate and the connections it can bring has undergone a step-change. Using the capabilities of smart technology, data analytics, and the networks built around them in the future, systems which have previously worked in silos can be integrated and people who have previously been isolated can become visible and easier to reach.

Most significantly, in the future the wisdom and creativity of people will be harnessed to create residents who are more independent, decision making which is more decentralised, and services which are more agile and responsive to people’s needs.

This report examines the ways in which councils can harness these capabilities, and ensure that decisions made today do not prohibit the places of tomorrow from being realised.

March 17, 2017
Authored by

Dr Abigail Gilbert
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