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The Politics of Shared Services

December 11, 2006   By Anthony Brand

Shared Services can assist with the transformation of local authority services, delivering efficiency gains and promoting innovation. Merging services together may not simply mean a cost saving, but could also allow greater innovation as two authorities share their best practices.

However the process remains controversial, with some local authorities concerned about the organisational impact on services while guidance from central Government on how to effectively implement shared services remains sparse.

The Politics of Shared Services puts forward a new agenda for harnessing the opportunity for shared services. It looks at the political, economic and social impact of merging services and offers recommendations on how stakeholders in local and central Government and the private sector can work together more effectively to deliver high-quality, efficient services.

In an environment of tough efficiency requirements for local authorities, the report offers greater clarity around the goals and challenges of shared services that will allow the agenda to develop faster and more effectively.

December 11, 2006
Authored by

Anthony Brand
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