December 16, 2015   By Jessica Studdert and Sarah Stopforth

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There is widespread recognition of the wider determinants of health, where only 20 per cent of health outcomes result from clinical treatment and the remaining 80 per cent determined by wider factors such as lifestyle choices, the physical environment and family and social networks. By reimagining health as place-based, we seek a system that opens out the definition of health from clinical care to one that encompasses wider determinants. How can the services and resources that already exist in places be better aligned and utilised to contribute to better and more equal outcomes for people?

This position paper by NLGN and Collaborate sets out some of the challenges in achieving a fundamental system shift in practice, citing new evidence from health and local government professionals. The paper sets out the potential of reimagining health as place-based, and lays out the challenge for the Place-Based Health Commission, chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale. The Commission will report in March 2016 and recommend practical steps that professionals in health and care to overcome organisational barriers – real and perceived – and make a fundamental shift towards an integrated system that puts people at the heart of it.

December 16, 2015
Authored by

Jessica Studdert and Sarah Stopforth
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