July 17, 2014   By Laura Wilkes

Local authorities are in the thick of fundamentally changing how they operate, who they work with and how services are delivered. Councils know that they need to deliver improved outcomes for their citizens, at much lower cost, and that this needs to be done in a way that actively involves communities in delivery and decision making.

Councils also know that this cannot be done alone. Working with public, private and third sector partners to integrate outcomes and services across localities is fundamental to delivering radical transformation.

This was the premise for the NLGN Policy Summit in November 2013. NLGN brought together local government chief executives to take part in an exercise to explore how place based, integrated public services can deliver budget reductions and better outcomes for people. We wanted to explore ideas and models for scaling up integration at pace and the implications that this has for how councils need to work now and in the future.

July 17, 2014
Authored by

Laura Wilkes
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