From Transactions to Changemaking: Rethinking partnerships between the public and private sectors

October 17, 2018   By Trinley Walker and Sarah Lawson

The role of the private sector in the delivery of public services has been under intense scrutiny of late. However, the manner in which this debate is framed as ‘outsourcing versus in-house’ is out of kilter with the practical realities of new and evolving forms of partnerships. It also distracts from the principal challenges of public service delivery – the provision of high quality services in a context of increased complexity and rising demand.

This report sets out how partnerships must be overhauled to be fit for purpose for future challenges: to shift from being dominated by transactional characteristics to become truly changemaking. This requires a radical change in the culture and relationships at the heart of partnerships to deliver high quality public services. The engagement of the public within partnerships is key to this transformation, and to restoring confidence in their ability to create value.

The report sets out five principles as a framework for change, as well as recommendations for government, the public sector and the private sector to bring this vision into effect.

October 17, 2018
Authored by

Trinley Walker and Sarah Lawson
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