Cultivating Local Inclusive Growth: In Practice

February 11, 2020   By

Between 2010 and 2020, the UK experienced something unprecedented in recent history – a decade without a recession. Yet, somehow, this period also saw the lowest levels of wage growth for British workers for any ten-year period since the Napoleonic Wars. The juxtaposition of these two facts paints a stark picture – and shows why so many feel the time has come for us to think differently about what constitutes economic success.

Inclusive growth is a concept that has come out of this process of reimagining, and many reports have been published on the subject in recent years. What’s been missing, however, is a truly practical guide that outlines what local government can do, right now, to make inclusive growth happen.

New Local aims to fill this gap by taking a ‘practice-into-theory’ approach to defining inclusive growth. In this report, we look at how the concept is being interpreted by practitioners in the field. We work backwards towards understanding, rather than attempting a new theoretical framing.

Watch our explainer video about this report below:

February 11, 2020
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