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Member Exclusive

Social Investment Partnerships

Exploring the development of partnerships between local authorities and social investors.

18th December, 2018

Member Exclusive

Transforming the Relationship Between Councils and Communities

Developing deeper relationships with your residents and moving from a transactional relationship to a collaborative one.

20th October, 2018

Member Exclusive

Options for Housing Delivery Vehicles

Exploring the pros and cons of joint ventures, wholly-owned housing delivery companies and council-led delivery.

29th July, 2018

Member Exclusive

How can councils adopt digital transformation

Starting with problems, not software and focusing on users’ needs to make the most of new digital tools.

20th June, 2018

Member Exclusive

How to use data to guide decision-making

Insight into how to get the right team in place to explore the possibilities of data.

20th March, 2018

Member Exclusive

Measuring Social Value

Exploring how councils are measuring social value and the impact this can have on procurement processes.

29th January, 2018

Member Exclusive

Inclusive Growth in Practice

Exploring how councils are approaching inclusive growth in practice.

29th November, 2017

Member Exclusive

Encouraging Behaviour Change

Exploring how councils can make use of behavioural insights.

20th October, 2017

Member Exclusive

How can local authorities most effectively operate commercially?

Guide to setting up effective governance of commercialisation projects to reduce risks and enable growth.

20th October, 2017

Member Exclusive

How can we lead the next stage of local government transformation?

Exploring different methods to frame and implement your transformation programme.

20th August, 2017

Member Exclusive

Establishing a Trading Company

Key questions to ask when thinking about a trading company model, including and case studies of successful examples.

20th July, 2017

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