The Environmental Challenge

On 6 th May 2019, NLGN partnered with ENGIE to host its most recent Innovation Exchange, at their Canary Wharf office in London.

Just a few days after parliament declared a state of climate emergency, the event saw 18 local authorities from NLGN’s network come together to discuss environmental issues. Specifically, councils reflected on the role of local government in tackling issues that are often seen as global, and on how addressing planetary climate change interplays with efforts to address localised issues.

Like all NLGN Innovation Exchanges, the day also offered councils a rare opportunity to share and learn from one and other. In this safe and confidential space, councils spoke not just about the successful initiatives that they had undertaken, but also discussed things that had gone wrong for them, so that lessons could be learned and shared across our network.

This Insights Report summarises the key concepts, lessons and proposed approaches that arose from the day’s discussions, and aims to offer practical ways forward for councils as they face a multitude of interrelated environmental challenges.

The report is comprised of two broad sections:

  • What are the biggest challenges for local government to overcome to establish effective environmental policies?
  • How can solutions be implemented strategically, at a local level?

The Innovation Exchange took place under the Chatham House rule, and our report respects this by anonymising all contributions.

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