The Changemaking Council

NLGN Fringe Event LGA 2017

08:30 – 10:00, Wednesday 5th July 2017
Birmingham City Centre

Councils are increasingly exploring radical shifts to adapt to a world of declining resources and rising demand. Reorganisation, commercialisation, and demand management all seem to offer potential ways forward. There is strong evidence, however, that transformational strategies work best when matched by deep changes in organisational culture and behavioural norms.

In response to this, NLGN is developing a ‘changemaking vision’ of local government. This recognises that councils and the communities they serve are increasingly characterised by the values of creativity, collaboration, and self-determination. At this private breakfast, we will discuss the notion of a radical culture shift and how it can be achieved. Together, we will examine key questions including:

  • How can councils employ tools to deliver a culture change of this scale?
  • Is it possible to measure the social and financial impact of this shift?
  • What does it mean to be a culture change leader and how does it differ from conventional leadership?
The event will also feature contributions from key stakeholders Deborah Cadman, Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council & Cllr Peter John, Leader, Southwark Council. This is a great opportunity for networking with senior figures in local government over an intimate breakfast.

This invitation-only breakfast is a fringe event of the LGA Conference 2017 in Birmingham City Centre.
Places are limited and invitation-only. You do not have to be a delegate at the LGA Conference to attend. Please contact rsvp@newlocal.org.uk to request a space.

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