10am - 11:30am
11 February
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Listening Project Workshop: Creating Cultural Communities for Young Londoners

10am - 11:30am  |  11 February  |  Online
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Throughout 2020, Londoners’ lives have been simultaneously hyper-localised and more geographically removed. How we use our home-space, the activities we undertake in our local areas and how we move around the city, has all changed very quickly.

Although this experience has uncovered structural inequalities in who has access to regional, local and digital services; it has also illustrated the compassion of communities to respond quickly and develop solutions.  

The impact of inequalities on young people have been particularly severe. Emerging evidence on the economic and social impact of the coronavirus shows that young people aged 12–24 years are one of the worst-affected groups, particularly in terms of the labour market and mental health outcomes. 

This Listening Project workshop will focus on creating cultural communities by exploring the different hyperlocal and community-led approaches that have emerged both before and during the pandemic across London. It aims to identify the key ingredients for a successful partnership and collective actions to support local priorities and to help young Londoners build better lives.

Who should be involved?

  • Young people who have been involved in London community-led initiatives
  • People who have worked with young people in London community-led initiatives, including people who work in local government, culture, planning and third sector organisations

About the Listening Projects

A New Direction is a London-based non-profit, generating opportunities for children and young people to unlock their creativity.  In January 2021, in a rapidly changing context, A New Direction commissioned five partner organisations to listen to the concerns and experience of Londoners. They called this work the Listening Projects, and outcomes will feed into our future planning and activity.    

The Listening Projects will cover five themes: the experience of young Londoners, supporting organisations leading practice, the earth emergency, enabling cultural communities, and employment and work. Outcomes will be published in early summer 2021.  

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