9.30am - 11.30am
12 October 2023
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Innovation Exchange: Design-led systems change

9.30am - 11.30am  |  12 October 2023  |  Online
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Design thinking can help inspire innovation, spark new ideas and uncover deep issues or new perspectives. It has gained popularity as a tool because when applied well it can be an inclusive, human-centred, efficient and adaptable approach to problem solving.

It is being used across the UK in different sectors to create new approaches to tackling problems, and to trial, adapt and develop solutions quickly.

At this session you will hear about the benefits and potential of design thinking to support how councils design and deliver services and approach complex policy challenges. We will also explore how design thinking can bring new perspectives to help shape and change complex systems and improve outcomes across places.

Join us to hear from the team at LB of Camden how they are building in design thinking and capacity into their service delivery in order to improve outcomes for neighbourhoods.

Your council may be doing this already as well, in which case we’d love to hear about your own experience of working in this way! And we know many network members have an appetite to learn more about design thinking and how it could open up new potential within service provision. Join us at this session to get the benefits of learning from your peers, and understanding the difference this approach can make.

Come away with:

  • An understanding of the key principles of a design thinking approach and the benefits it could bring within your council
  • Clarity on the environment and mindset that is needed for this type of innovation and the team you may need to build
  • Useful takeaways from teams who have operated in this way in Councils to change their places.

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