9.30am - 11.30am
22 June 2023

Innovation Exchange: How to lead under pressure

9.30am - 11.30am  |  22 June 2023  |  Online
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Are you feeling the stress?

That’s unsurprising: there’s never been a more challenging time to be in a leadership position in local government. The pressure to deliver outcomes in an increasingly volatile world while also saving money is intense. Leaders need to be able to maintain very high levels of personal resilience while simultaneously combining agility with strategic consistency. They also need to be constantly thinking how their team can operate differently to maximise outcomes with minimal resources.

This Innovation Exchange will explore how leaders can survive and even flourish in this world of relentless pressure. You will hear from experienced leaders on how they maintain their balance and determination under stressful circumstances. You’ll also learn how the nature of leadership is shifting to focus on mobilising assets and resources well beyond the walls of the town hall by building partnerships and tapping into the energy of local communities.

And, as ever with our Innovation Exchanges, this will happen in a safe and confidential context of supportive peer-learning.

Come along to discuss how to:

  • Maintain your determination to deliver
  • Develop the necessary personal resilience to lead in a time of relentless pressure
  • Learn how leadership approaches are shifting

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