09.30am - 11.30am
19 October 2022
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Innovation Exchange: Engaging residents in an emergency

09.30am - 11.30am  |  19 October 2022  |  Online
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We live in unprecedented times, where we are facing increasing emergencies in our communities. From COVID to the cost-of-living crisis; the answer to solving these issues sits with our residents.   

Councils who listen to their communities unlock deep solutions to long-term issues. Not engaging residents on the most critical of issues can lead to big problems further down the line.  

However, when the unexpected happens there’s often a pressure to ‘command and control’. How do you engage residents when emergencies arise, and events feel like they’re moving too quickly? 

This session will equip you with practical ideas and solutions. You will have the opportunity to share your challenges as well as hear how others are tackling this issue.  

The session is aimed at officers and senior managers who are working on solving our biggest and most time sensitive challenges and want some top tips on ensuring the community is involved in shaping the solutions. 

Join us to find out: 

  • How councils are approaching critical issues by engaging with their residents 
  • How to continue to respond quickly and involve your community 
  • Why mobilising your team to be ready to engage on critical issues is so important 

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