7 May 2024
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How We Did It: Measuring the impact of our community-led approach

2.00pm-3.00pm  |  7 May 2024  |  Online
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Measuring and feeding back as a continual cycle to projects, gives the opportunity to improve outcomes for communities.  A vital element of setting up any new project is how to measure impact and how to demonstrate the individual voice and community focus. 

At this session we will hear about how Greater Manchester’s Pathfinder project has worked with young people across Greater Manchester to prevent homelessness and how Bridges Outcomes Partnerships have monitored and improved the project in real time to provide better outcomes.  We will also hear about the evaluation currently being undertaken by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, to understand the impact of the service through the voice of the young people involved.   

The session will explore the nuts and bolts of the project, hearing from both Bridges Outcome Partnerships and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, detailing how the project was set up and run, as well as the results this method can deliver for young people facing homelessness in their communities.  

We will focus on practical delivery and provide you with vital takeaways for your work, including answers to the questions: 

  • What kind of data is useful to collect?
  • How to make real time changes to projects to ensure better outcomes? 
  • What is the impact of this way of working?

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