11am - 12:15pm
19 November
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Housing Beyond Markets and States

11am - 12:15pm  |  19 November  |  Online
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How could a community-led alternative to England’s current housing system deliver more, and better, housing?

In the context of the Government’s appetite for radical planning reform and the publication of its planning White Paper, New Local’s latest workshop, explores a new community paradigm for provision of housing and other infrastructure, moving beyond the market-state dichotomy. 

This research aims to develop a better understanding of the challenges and possibilities for community-powered improvements to planning to deliver better housing and other development, drawing from the principles of New Local’s Community Paradigm  and inspired by the work of Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom

Join us for a discussion exploring the possibilities of a community-led approach to housing and planning as a means to produce more, and better, housing.

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