New Local Voices podcast

The New Local Voices podcast brings our major reports to life. We hear from the researchers at the heart of each project, as well from people on the frontline of community power.

The Community Paradigm

March 2021

What would happen if we put power where it belonged, in our communities? 

In The Community Paradigm, New Local’s Adam Lent and Jessica Studdert made a case for the radical redistribution of power – away from the state and the market – and towards people themselves.

The report helped capture a community power movement, that has been gaining momentum in places and public services within the UK. 

Two years on, Adam and Jess introduce a new preface for the Paradigm – reflecting on new context created by the Covid pandemic, and the increased urgency to create sustainable, fairer services. 

The podcast features an interview with the brilliant Mark Pepper – who is at the heart of the community-led regeneration of a Bristol estate.

This Isn’t Working

October 2020

Over 2 million jobseekers are out of work due to disabilities or health conditions. But every year, only 4% of them move into employment. 

The current DWP-led employment support system is failing them. Meanwhile, local programmes across the UK are giving the sort of personal, holistic support that allow people to really transform their lives. 

In This Isn’t Working, we imagine what employment support would look like if local areas and service users- and not Whitehall and Westminster – were in charge. And we advise how to make this a reality. 

Presented by policy expert Tom Pollard and New Local’s Pawda Tjoa. With interviews with Michelle and Helga from Halifax Opportunities Trust.  

The Rise of Mutual Aid

July 2020

During Covid-19, thousands of spontaneous, voluntary Mutual Aid groups emerged to support the most vulnerable people in our society. In many cases these groups were able to help people far more rapidly and flexibly than traditional public services.

In Communities vs Coronavirus: The Rise of Mutual Aid, we explore the impact of this movement, the role of local government in supporting it, and how to sustain this community spirit in future.  

Authors Dr Simon Kaye and Luca Tiratelli present their findings from months of interviews with Mutual Aid groups across the country. We also hear from Dawn Hirons and David Howard – the couple behind the Howden Helpers – a remarkable Mutual Aid project in Yorkshire.