Pawda Tjoa

Senior Policy Researcher

Pawda joined New Local in July 2017 as a Senior Policy Researcher and Data Analyst.

She leads on New Local’s data work, including its Leadership Index, which has covered topics including the impact of Brexit on the local economy, homelessness and local government response to COVID-19. She has also worked on a number of research and consultancy projects contributing to proposal and delivery phases, including those for the Key Cities Group, Local Trust, and the Health Foundation.

Prior to New Local, Pawda worked at Publica, a masterplanning consultancy, where she led research into international best practice in housing renewal, and contributed to a number of projects on the subjects of the high street, play and the creative industry.

Pawda holds a PhD and MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pennsylvania State University (USA). Her PhD research explores how political ideologies shape the urban public space.

Areas of Expertise:
Public service reform
Organisational development and culture change
Public space

Their Local: Originally from Indonesia, Pawda spent her formative years in Jakarta before moving to Singapore during the 1998 civil unrest. Her home province in North Sumatra is most well-known for its Lake Toba – the largest volcanic lake in the world, but which remains underappreciated.