Jacqui McKinlay

Chief Executive, Centre for Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS)

Jacqui McKinlay is chief executive of the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS), the national centre of expertise on governance and scrutiny.

CfGS promotes good governance working with organisations and leaders as they aim to be more transparent, accountable, involve others in decision-making and be open to scrutiny. For over fifteen years, CfGS have worked to achieve this through research, policy development, campaigning, consultancy and training.

Jacqui oversees CfGS’ work with a wide range of organisations in sectors including local and national government, health, housing, police and the private sector. Passionate about improving outcomes through better governance, CGPS led the governance review of Kensington and Chelsea Council as part of their response to the Grenfell Tragedy and is currently working with the housing sector as it seeks to resets the relationship between landlords and tenants. She is also a proud Trustee of The Advocacy Project. Prior to CfGS, Jacqui was Director of Strategy and Customer Services at Staffordshire County Council and has worked in health, sport and the civil service.