• We connect

    Our network is home to over 60 of the UK’s most innovative councils. We bring them together to generate ideas; build connections and meet challenges.

  • We explore

    Our team looks into some of the most pressing issues we’re facing today - from welfare support, to social care, to building economic resilience. All of this work is framed by our vision of powerful communities and stronger public services.

  • We drive change

    We look for new, community-based solutions to some of our society’s biggest challenges - and team up with people from across all parts of government and communities to achieve change.

The change reflects New Local’s mission to work alongside the whole of local government, communities and the wider public sector to create empowered communities and stronger public services.

Think Big, Act Small: Elinor Ostrom’s radical vision for community power

Elinor Ostrom, the intellectual hero of community power. And asking what it could mean for the UK today.

Community Mobilisation: Unlocking the Potential of Community Power

Communities coming together, have the power to do extraordinary things.